September 28, 2022

Mt Evans Colorado Elopement

mt blue sky colorado elopement


If you’re looking for an elopement experience truly unlike no other, Mt Blue Sky (formerly Mt Evans) in Colorado might be the one for you! But there are definitely things to know before you decide to venture off. Keep reading for the best professional tips on planning the perfect intimate elopement at Colorado’s iconic Mt Blue Sky.

Katie + Devin’s Mt Blue Sky Colorado Elopement

Mt Blue Sky (formerly titled Mt Evans) is one of Colorado’s most scenic byways. In fact, it’s North America’s highest paved road. You read that right – the highest paved road in the entire continent! The road winds up all the way to 14,265 feet.

Best Time to Elope at Mt Blue Sky

Due to the high elevation (approximately 14,265 feet) and the road being closed off for winter, the best time to elope at Mt Blue Sky is summertime, in my opinion. Here’s why: being that Mt Blue Sky is at such a high elevation, it gets pretty darn windy and chilly up there in the morning and evenings even in the summertime.

A Few Things to Prepare Yourself

The drive up. Prepare for a slow + steady 14 mile drive up the mountain. The narrow, curvy two-lane road sits right on the edge of the mountain with steep drop-offs and definitely has it’s share fair of potholes. Plan for extra time to make your way slowly and safely up the mountain.

Inclement weather. Colorado is notorious for moody, unpredictable weather but that won’t stop us from creating everlasting memories for you. Due to the high elevation, prepare yourself for high winds, rain or even a possibility for snow depending on when you are eloping. Be sure to pack plenty of water, Kleenex’s (cause if you’re anything like me, the cold makes your nose run), leggings, jacket, beanie and gloves! It’s better to overpack than to under-pack and be freezing your tooshie off!

Permits and Reservations. A timed entry ticket is required to gain entrance during the summer. Simply visit for more information. Depending on where exactly at Mt Blue Sky you are planning to elope will dictate whether or not you need a special permit; more information can be found via Denver Mountain Parks.

Leave no trace. In order for the whole world to continue loving our beautiful land, simply leave no trace by collecting any/all trash and personal belongings prior to your departure.

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