October 4, 2022

colorado mountainside senior photos


Sharing something a little different with y’all: beautiful Colorado mountainside senior photos for sweet, beautiful Claire and her fur baby Lewie. My photography journey actually started with portraits (way back when in 2018), so when I get the opportunity to photograph portraits I get soooo excited!

Claire’s Colorado Mountainside Senior Photos

Senior sessions should be FUN and display your personality. After-all, these are images you will forever look back on to remember the good ol’ days. Now I was no where near as fashionable as Claire is, but every time I reflect back to my very own high school senior session in 2010 so many memories flush over.

Make your session unique by bringing along things that showcase your high school years whether that may be your high-school letterman, your guitar or your precious fur baby! The best way to showcase your life in the now is with your wardrobe! I tell my clients to bring at least 3 different outfit options so you have a variety of looks.

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