December 1, 2022

Candid moments between mother and son at Colorado mountain family photos

colorado mountain family photos


The sweet Mallahan family traveled to Colorado for fall vacation and wanted beautiful mountain family photos and boy did we deliver! It was the most beautiful fall evening.

The Mallahan’s Colorado Mountain Family Photos

Let’s be honest for a second – family photos can most definitely be a very stressful event. I’ve worked with countless families and throughout my experience, I’ve learned a lot to be able to prep my clients for a stress-free family photoshoot experience.

Here’s my top tips:

Let your kids be kids!

Follow their lead and engage in their acts.

Embrace the chaos.

So what exactly do you mean, Megan?! Children are smart little humans; they can read our emotions and reactions. If Mom and Dad seem / act stressed, that energy will reflect to your little(s).

I pride myself in educating my family client’s before the session on how to respond during family sessions. I promise we will get at least one photo of the whole family smiling at the camera, but otherwise I direct my clients to follow along with their children aka “children led sessions”. Help them pick the flower, give bear hugs, etc.

Mindset is key parents. No kid is perfect. Embrace that. You’ll appreciate these moments and memories captured years down the road.

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