February 7, 2023

Studio maternity session at Realm Denver in Denver, Colorado

realm denver studio maternity session


If you’ve been dreaming of having a studio session at the Realm in Denver, this studio maternity session is going to give you all the inspiration!

McKenzie’s Studio Maternity Session at the Realm in Denver

Living in Denver we are blessed with quite a few options for photography studio rentals. Realm Denver is a favorite location that I’ll be encouraging my studio clients to book going forward! Amongst many other things that make them so freaking awesome is the fact that they offer two rental spaces. Let’s break them down:

The Sun Room

First is the Sun Room, which is the portion Kenzie rented for her session. It’s simplistic, yet provides the perfect amount of character perfect for minimalistic vibes. The Sun Room features a beautiful white Cyc Wall, a large garage door, a light pink banquette and plant wall.

The garage door is a really fun prop that can easily create a variety of looks. The light is diffused for the first half of the day and in the afternoon it illuminates beautiful direct sun. If you’re looking for an editorial vibe and want to get creative with fun shadows, definitely make sure we book your session in the afternoon!

Rental Price: $90/hour

The Open Space

The Open Space is the heart of the studio. It features a whopping 1500 square feet, which you may be thinking to yourself “that’s way too much room” … think again. There is soooo much character in this space!

Just like the Sun Room, the Open Space also features a Cyc Wall and is furnished with a mixture of modern and vintage furniture styled just perfectly to give your photos a cozy feel.

I’ll be creating a separate blog post displaying all the amazingness of the Open Space in the next few months, so keep an eye out! This space is going to be a family favorite and is perfect for those cozy home vibes without having to worry about tidying up your home for a photoshoot! 😉 What more could you ask for!

Rental Price: $120/hour

Needless to say, the Realm has it all and is the perfect photography studio to book for your session with Mae Meadows Photography!

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