February 23, 2023

Josh and Kristen’s adventerous winter couples session at the beautifully hand crafted ice castles near Salt Lake City, Utah. Needless to say, breathtaking!

ice castle couples session


Quite possibly my favorite couples session to date is at the man-made Ice Castles! If you’re looking for a winter photoshoot experience truly unlike no other, the Ice Castles might be the one for you!

Josh + Kristin’s Ice Castle Couples Session in Utah

When I posted my sneak peek images on Instagram the day after Josh and Kristin’s session, everyone went crazy (click here if you want to see what I’m talking about)!

Sadly the Ice Castles haven’t yet returned to Colorado so I made the drive out to Salt Lake City to experience Utah’s Ice Castle! Let’s all cross our fingers and hope they bring these back to Colorado next winter!

Keep reading for the best professional tips on planning the perfect ice castle photoshoot from a photographer who’s been there and done that!

Dress Appropriately

Being that you are walking thru Ice Castles you can just imagine how cold it is! The temps drop as you are inside each magical creation, so definitely make sure you bundle up.

Just because you need to wear extra layers doesn’t mean that takes away from styling the perfect outfit. Josh and Kristin killed their outfits! They chose a neutral color scheme (y’all know my love for neutrals) that didn’t distract from the blue tones of the Ice Castles and incorporated stylish warm accessories like coats and scarfs!

Opt for a weekday!

Expect a lottttt of tourists. Lucky for you, I only offer weekday sessions! 😉 Weekdays are less busy which is especially crucial for a location like this that is small in space. When visiting the Ice Castles for a photoshoot, please be respectful of / patient with other visitors.

Currently they are not open in Colorado.

Sadly the Ice Castles have not returned to Colorado since the 2021/2022 season. As I mentioned above, Josh and Kristin’s couples session featured in this blog post took place at the Ice Castles in Utah, just outside of Salt Lake City. As of this blog post the following states have ice castles: Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Utah + Wisconsin.

Should the Ice Castles not return to Colorado for the 2023/2024 season, I will absolutely travel to any other destination being offered. Inquire here to learn about my Travel Fees.

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