March 14, 2023

Engagement session at Denver's Union Station

classy engagement session | denver union station


If you’re looking for an out of the box experience for your engagement session in Denver and love the city lifestyle, consider Union Station!

Kelli + Dan’s Classy Union Station Session in Downtown Denver

Union Station has been a centerpiece of Downtown Denver since the late 1880s. The Union Station as we know it today has been around since 1914. It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful on both the exterior and interior.

I was so excited to photograph Kelli and Dan at this iconic landmark but we knew we wanted to make it extra special. That’s where my styling assistance comes into play!

All Sessions Include Complimentary Styling Assistance

When you book a session with me as soon as you sign the contract and pay your deposit you immediately receive a custom Styling and Session Preparation Guide! The outfits you choose can truly make or break the outcome of your photos. In this guide I go over all of my best professional tips and tricks to educate all of my clients so that they can properly choose the right outfits to tell their unique story.

How to Find the Perfect Outfits for your Photoshoot

For Kelli and Dan’s session at Union Station, we wanted an elegant classy vibe. I always start off by browsing good ol’ Pinterest by typing in keywords for the aesthetic my client is wanting to achieve. For Kelli and Dan I used keywords such as “elegant”, “classy”, “modern” + “editorial” in conjunction with “downtown engagement session” or “urban couples photos”. Start pinning photos that draw your attention in regards to outfit and overall emotion of the photo.

This, my friends, is called a mood board!

One you have your mood board created, please send it to me! Every couple is unique thus I photograph every couple different. Seeing the images you pinned allows me to have a look into your vision. I can easily tell if you like more romantic, candid or serious portraiture, which are all captured differently.

Now is time to pick your outfits! Using the images you pinned to your Pinterest mood board will allow you to know what type of clothes to purchase. My number top recommendations are:

Don’t rush the process! Take your time shopping online and give yourself a lot of options.

Screenshot the pieces you are looking at purchasing + add them to a vision board so you can see them all together. Before you purchase ensure that they compliment one another rather than clash with each other.

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If you are looking for a unique engagement session experience look no further! Please submit your inquiry here with your vision so I can help you curate the perfect session!

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