June 14, 2023

The Garner family's cozy newborn lifestyle session in their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

cozy newborn lifestyle session


Newborn lifestyle sessions are some of my favorite sessions to photograph.

The Garner Family’s Cozy Newborn Lifestyle Session

Kate and Ben opened up their home in Colorado Springs for me to photograph their first moments as a family of 3 with their precious new baby girl Emilia. It was so funny because she kept fighting her sleep so she could keep her eyes on what was going on even though she was so so tired.

Professional Tips + Tricks for a Smooth Newborn Lifestyle Session

Tip 1: Schedule around feeding time

Shortly before my scheduled arrival, try + feed! This helps ensure baby has a nice, full belly which leads to a happy, cooperative baby for photos! If you are wanting to capture your breastfeeding journey, hold off until I arrive and we’ll capture those moments first!

Tip 2: Declutter

As simple as this sounds, it’s very helpful to do some decluttering prior to my arrival so that we have a simple, clean slate. Most clients opt for several locations throughout the house to shoot in. I recommend choosing the most significant rooms in your home. Don’t feel like you need to declutter the entire house, just those rooms you want pictures in! Trust me … I will not judge if you stuff everything into a closet. 😉

Tip 3: Turn up the heat

It may be a little warm for us adults, but babies are happier in a warmer environment. If your session is in the warmer months, please turn off the AC + keep a portable space heater nearby! A warm + cozy baby is a happy sleepy baby which makes for the sweetest gallery.

Expecting a little one + wanting sweet memories of your fresh newborn?

I would be absolutely honored to capture these special moments for your precious little family. Please inquire here and provide me with as much information as possible so I can better serve you!

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