April 12, 2024

Summer rocky mountain national park engagement photos in Colorado

rocky mountain national park engagement


The ultimate Colorado engagement photoshoot experience is definitely at Rocky Mountain National Park! Before you start to make plans there are things you need to know first.

Keep reading for the best professional tips on planning the perfect adventurous engagement session at Colorado’s iconic Rocky Mountain National Park.

Tips + Tricks

Book an adventure session. For couples looking to have their photos done in RMNP I highly recommend booking my Adventure Session. Due to the vast land + scenery this session type allows more time to get a variety of scenery that hikes require. Please inquire here for more details on my sessions.

Best time of year. You can visit RMNP all year long but ultimately the season is dependent on what you are most drawn to. Memorial Day through Labor Day is the busiest time of the year but also yields the most beautiful scenery, in my personal opinion.

Heavy traffic. RMNP is one of the most popular parks in the US, rightfully so, which means there are a lot of visitors each day. With that said, it’s very important that you plan ahead for traffic.  

Inclement weather. Colorado is notorious for moody, unpredictable weather but that won’t stop us from creating everlasting memories. Due to the higher elevation of the park, prepare yourself for the potential of winds, rain or even snow depending on when you are visiting. Be sure to pack plenty of water, layers + rain coats. It’s better to overpack than to under-pack and be freezing your tooshie off or be sopping wet.

No fur babies. If you’re a proud fur parent like myself, sadly you do need to leave your fur babies behind as national parks do not allow pets. 🙁

Permits. As of January 1, 2024 you no longer need a photography permit for engagement photos … yay!

Note: if you’re looking to elope here please refer to nps.gov.

Timed Entry Reservations. From May 24 to October 20, 2024 a timed entry ticket is required to gain entrance to Bear Lake Road Corridor between the hours of 5 am + 6 pm. Simply visit nps.gov for more information.

Leave no trace. In order to continue loving our beautiful land, simply leave no trace by collecting any/all trash and personal belongings prior to your departure.

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