May 16, 2022

Colorado Paint Mines Elopement

paint mines elopement


One of the best hidden gems of Colorado is the Paint Mines Interpretive Park. Nestled just outside of Colorado Springs, the paint mines offer a unique backdrop for your elopement that really stands out against the mountains and pine trees.

Sue and Jon opted pulled hues from the paint mines when drawing up their color scheme. Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to stick with the traditional white dress. This is the time to not only celebrate your love, but to also express y’all’s personalities so choose your wardrobe with your lifestyle in mind. Sue’s gorgeous pink and terracotta Rue De Seine dress and bouquet accented the natural colors of the paint mines oh so beautifully.

Best time of year to elope at the Paint Mines

Last tip I want to share with you is the best time of year / day to plan your paint mines elopement. Really any season works for this location! Of course in the winter there may be some snow on the ground, but it’s a quick walk – max 10 minutes – from the parking lot. As for the best time of day I recommend golden hour: either the hour after sunrise or the hour prior to sunset!

Hair Styling by Delaney Hunt

Gown Rental from Raw Golden Rentals

Custom Bouquet by Bohemian Branches

let’s plan your perfect elopement!

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