June 21, 2022

sand dunes engagement session


A dream come true: Krystal and Gabriel’s Romantic Sand Dunes Engagement Session

I’m all about finding unique locations that look a little different from your initial vision of Colorado. I’ve previously talked about the Paint Mines being a hidden gem in Colorado (you can check out that blog here) and here’s another: Great Sand Dunes National Park.

While we were stationed in Central Coast California from August 2019 to June 2022 one of my most popular locations were the Pismo Sand Dunes. In fact, my work at the Pismo Sand Dunes is pretty much what excelled my business during our time there. I had clients drive from all over the state of California, and even quite a few who flew in from around the country, just to have their photos done with me at the dunes! There’s something just so ethereal about sand dunes that people just gravitate towards!

Now that I live in Denver, I’m happy to know we have sand dunes close-by. When I say close-by, I mean approximately a 3.5 to 4 hour drive from Denver. So not the most ideal, but not impossible either! I do require a travel fee for this location, which I will send you all the info on when you submit an inquiry. You can actually camp overnight at Great Sand Dunes National Park or grab a hotel close-by!

Something to keep in mind if you’re considering Great Sand Dunes as your photoshoot location, it is veryyy windy out there. The starting elevation is just under 8,000 ft and goes all the way up to 13k. You definitely should except windy conditions.

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Krystal’s gorgeous dress is a rental from Salt Gowns!

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