July 21, 2022

Colorado summer family photos

candid family photos


I’m spilling the beans: my secret to candid summer family photos.

It’s no surprise that Colorado is absolutely beautiful year-round. Summer and fall are my two favorite seasons here in ‘Colorful Colorado‘. Summertime boasts with green grass and pine trees everywhere whereas fall features picturesque golden Aspen trees. These two seasons are the most popular time of year for family photos in Colorado.

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Brittany, Lane and Caden a couple of times but never all together. Now that I’m officially living in Colorado again I was soooo excited to get them in front of my camera together as a family. This sweet family loves to explore Colorado’s beautiful scenery and be outdoors so I knew exactly how I wanted to capture them.

This location, which is nestled outside of Castle Rock away from the hustle and bustle of Denver, is probably my favorite in our local area. It’s off the beaten bath and not known to tourists, which is the perfect type of location for kids! No distractions of passersby; just them and Colorado’s beautiful nature!

My goal for their sessions was to give as little of instructions as possible. Rather than telling them what to do and trying to force unnatural interactions, I wanted Caden to run around in the field, doin’ boy things. He inspected the flowers, picked a few for mama (cue the water works), looked for bugs, ran around … all actions within his comfort zone and that expressed his personality. I love how Brittany and Lane followed suite and had so much fun watching their tiny human be himself.

There’s my secret to the most authentic, candid family photos.

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