August 3, 2022

Black Forest, Colorado intimate summer elopement

colorado forest elopement


The hardest decision you’ll encounter when eloping in Colorado is determining where to elope. We are blessed with some of the most beautiful landscape and full experiences of all four seasons. I’m so excited to share this beautiful intimate Colorado forest elopement with y’all.

Jessica + Edwin’s Intimate Colorado Forest Elopement

You might notice that their invites state Garden of the Gods as their elopement location, but there’s no red rocks pictures. That’s because we had to improvise on the spot due to a pretty gnarly Colorado summer evening storm. Jessica and Edwin were so freaking sweet and understanding and we headed out to Black Forest, away from the storms along the front range in Colorado Springs.

Immediately as we drove up to this gorgeous location in Black Forest I knew this was the perfect location for them! We had the whole spot to ourselves, which felt like we had the whole forest to ourselves. Everything happens for a reason and I’m sure glad we ended up where we did!

Fun little tip to those of you who traveling to Colorado to elope: snag yourself a Colorado postcard to keep as a memory!

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