August 23, 2022

Garden of the Gods Elopement

garden of gods elopement


Garden of the Gods is one of Colorado’s most popular elopement locations. Keep reading for the best professional tips on planning the perfect intimate elopement at Garden of the Gods.

Julia + Jason’s Garden of the Gods Elopement

Julia and Jason’s love story begins in New York City where they met during anesthesiology residency. They share a love of travel and knew that they wanted to elope somewhere unique and make it a new adventure to start their lives together. I was so stoked when she reached out to me and get this: we planned their elopement within a week’s time! That’s how easy it is to elope at Garden of the Gods!

How to Elope at Garden of the Gods

One of the many perks of eloping at Garden of the Gods is it’s totally free and doesn’t require a permit! Just hire yourself a photographer (cough cough Mae Meadows Photography) and pronounce your love for one-another!😉

Another major perk is you don’t need an officiant to get married in Colorado! Colorado is one of the few states that makes it so easy to run away for an adventurous elopement. You don’t even need a witness and in fact – your dog can sign your marriage certificate! I wish I would’ve known this before we got married at a DMV in Colorado Springs.

Best Time to Elope at Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is absolutely stunning year round which makes it the perfect outdoor venue for couples wanting to elope in Colorado no matter the season. It’s an out of the world experience featuring 300 million year old unique red rock formations and stunning views of the Pikes Peak mountain range.

The best time of day to elope at Garden of the Gods is sunrise. Eloping at sunrise you’ll beat the large tourist crowds and have a more sense of seclusion. If you’re unable to make sunrise, sunset is the next best option but do plan for large crowds.

A Few Things to Prepare Yourself

Inclement weather. Colorado is notorious for moody, unpredictable weather but that won’t stop us from creating everlasting memories for you. Just prepare yourself for winds, rain or snow depending on when you are eloping.

Don’t expect to have the place to yourself. Garden of the Gods is one of the busiest tourist attractions so with this comes large crowds. As I mentioned above, opting for a sunrise elopement will allow you for more seclusion. Another helpful tip is to elope on a weekday.

Leave no trace. In order for the whole world to continue loving our beautiful land, simply leave no trace by collecting any/all trash and personal belongings prior to your departure.

Hire Mae Meadows Photography as Your Elopement Photographer

I specialize in intimate weddings and elopements and absolutely love helping my clients plan their perfect adventure. Get in contact with me by submitting an inquiry here.

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