August 11, 2022

Colorado Paint Mines couples session

colorado paint mines couples session


One of Colorado’s most picturesque photoshoot locations is hands down Paint Mines Interpretive Park just east of Colorado Springs. Although it’s quite the drive from Denver, it’s one of my favorite locations for couples sessions (well honestly any sort of session) because of how unique it is!

Ari + Jake’s Colorado Paint Mines Couples Session

Before I pull out my camera, I like to talk to my clients and help relax their nerves (because let’s be real: taking photos can be very nerve-wracking). Locations like the Paint Mines is awesome because it require about a 5-10 minute walk down to the awesome structures. This is the perfect time to chat away and get all those jitters out.

I immediately connected with Ari and Jake, which I knew I would from the moment she reached out to me on Instagram. She has the most fun, heartwarming and infectious laugh that made their session such a blast. I can’t wait to have them back in front of my camera!

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