January 10, 2023

Winter Engagement Session at Garden of the Gods in Colorado

winter garden of the gods engagement


Garden of the Gods is client favorite location, especially during the winter and makes for some stunning engagement portraits! We are so lucky to live amongst these iconic 300ish million year old red rock formations and it’s a given why clients love it so much!

Ellen + Steven’s Winter Garden of the Gods Engagement

As y’all know, I’m a veryyyy proud military wife. Turns out Ellen and Steven are a fellow military couple. In fact, we used to be stationed in Central Coast California at the same base together; that’s when Ellen started to follow me. Unfortunately the stars didn’t align for them to have a session with me in California, but lucky enough we are now stationed in the same state yet again!

The stars aligned for us here in Colorado and they knew they wanted beautiful portraits of their engagement here in the states before they celebrate their marriage in their home of the Philippines.

A Few Things to Know Before Choosing Garden of the Gods as your Photoshoot Location

The best time of day for a photoshoot. Sunriseeee! Trust me – I know all too well how not fun it is to wake up at the crack ass of dawn for a photoshoot BUT it is 89352385% worth it … especially at Garden of the Gods!

Don’t expect to have the place to yourself. This is more so the case if you opt for a sunset session. Garden of the Gods is one of the busiest tourist attractions so with this comes large crowds. As I mentioned above, opting for a sunrise photoshoot will allow you for more seclusion.

Leave no trace. In order for the whole world to continue loving our beautiful land, simply leave no trace by collecting any/all trash and personal belongings prior to your departure.

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