August 13, 2023

Keely and Jackson's timeless romantic elopement amongst the wildflowers in Colorado's mountain town Crested Butte.

crested butte wildflower elopement


Dreaming of an intimate elopement amongst the wildflowers in Crested Butte with just you, your other half and the mountains? Keep on reading for a quick guide to eloping in Crested Butte during wildflower bloom!

Keely + Jackson’s Timeless Romantic Elopement in the Crested Butte Wildflower Mountains

Hands down my favorite Colorado mountain town I’ve traveled to thus far is Crested Butte. I was so so excited to head there this past July to experience the wildflower bloom + let me tell you, it was an experience unlike no other.

When is the best time to catch the Crested Butte wildflower bloom?

Late-June through July. Each year varies but I like to book my trips in early July!

A Few Tips:

Book accommodations ASAP. It’s no surprise that wildflower bloom is very popular which means hotels, airbnbs + campsites will book up fast. Get ahead of the crowds + book in advance!

Opt for a weekday. My biggest recommendation when I receive elopement inquiries is to opt for a weekday over a weekend. Weekends will always be significantly busier with crowds, especially here in Crested Butte during prime wildflower season. Also consider sunrise – the early wakeup time is well worth it if you want more privacy!

Respect the land and leave no trace. In order to preserve the beauty of the mountainside wildflowers, please be respectful of the land. Stay on trails or use extreme caution to avoid stepping on any blooms and leave no trace by collecting any/all trash and personal belongings prior to your departure.

Testimonial from Jackson + Keely

“Working with Megan was a dream!! She made us so comfortable and captured some of our most treasured pictures of our love to date. She is a true artist and a professional at her craft. She has a very bubbly personality that will bring out smiles and laughs from even the stiffest of boards, like me, “the husband”. She is such a kind and fun person to work with. If you’re looking for a local business to use for photos, look here!“

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