August 30, 2023

Sunrise mountainside proposal in Colorado

sunrise colorado mountainside proposal


Micah deserves a fiance of the year award for planning the most beautiful and intimate surprise sunrise Colorado mountainside proposal.

Micah + Abby’s Intimate Sunrise Proposal in the Colorado Mountainside

How to plan the perfect surprise proposal:

Upon Micah booking with me we initially planned for sunset at Mt Evans . As we kept planning we switched things up. Micah really wanted him + Abby to be able to celebrate with their loved ones afterward so we opted for sunrise. I threw out an alternate location for Micah to consider. My absolute favorite hidden gem in Colorado: an epic mountainside cliff with gorgeous views of the mountains + seclusion. I’m so glad he opted for this location for the perfect romantic vibes.

Micah + I discussed a detailed plan over the phone: I would arrive prior to Micah + Abby to hide and Micah knew exactly where to walk for the perfect mountainside views. He made the absolute sweetest book filled with pictures throughout their relationship + once they got to their designated spot he presented it to Abby. As Abby was emotionally flipping page by page Micah got down on one knee. Funny enough Abby didn’t even notice at first as she was so consumed by the book he made for her but once she did it was all over!

I cannot be more happy for these two! It was such an honor to capture their proposal so they can look back on this moment and remember it as if it were yesterday!

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